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                                                     Has Text II. 2.15
INTRODUCTION: A few years ago when I accepted Jesus as my Savior, I soon had that urge to preach the gospel, but without knowing how, I began to proclaim Jesus Christ's people. But technical fouls, ie the formula of how to behave towards people, themselves, know the science of how to speak and be heard by people. Minister Preaching classes now in theological seminaries, which summarizes the purpose of exposing their importance in the ministry, or rather those who use the pulpit of the churches must know a priori master the techniques of rhetoric. So let's see some points you wrote, or rather, therefore, that you know or have a broader view of science as relevant to the life of the preacher of the Gospel, and communicates with the public at large.

The word "homiletics" originated in Greece when the Greek sophists' words articulated political form, ie implying that people should listen to his sermons in the form of speeches. Then came the origin of the "Voice" which in turn comes from the word "sermon", meaning conversation.
We can say that the homiletic word in its broadest sense is the "art of preaching the Gospel," ie the way of teaching. In an evangelical sense, the preacher did not even know of this science, but uses it unconsciously, or not knowing of their techniques. For example: When the work in the churches or evangelical character of preaching to some brothers, but his homiletic preaching to his character has the explicit form of preaching.

3-They know that God can change their lives for the better, because they are tired, with many problems, so they expect the preacher is he whom the Lord will use to give them everything they expect from God.
Now, knowing this, the preacher can never open the hand of what God requires of His messengers.

As the broader issue that the preacher must be based on his ministry, should be familiar with the types of sermons, or in this aspect can be identified with each of them. As much as we know it or know what kind of sermons, even so, I must say that every sermon has its particularity.
In a theological perspective, the preacher must know well each type of sermon, because in this way can be used for each each time. That is, not the text of the sermon and the sermon topic expository sermon.
textual-.O a sermon rather, it is very similar to that of the expository sermon.
b-Sermon on the subject. This type of sermon is taken from a full text in a word, or in accordance with the biblical worldview and theology of the preacher. That is, when the preacher is an expert on the Bible will succeed soon, because this type of sermon that can be classified into three themes, with at least three sub-themes.
c-And exposure of the sermon. This type of sermon requires a deeper understanding of the facts, that is, if the preacher does not know the story well, the examples of events, is sure to be a weariness without it. That is, it is advised that this type of preacher's sermon is a fait accompli biblical and historical research. For example, the parables, the story of David fighting the giant Goliath and so on. In the expository sermon for the occasion when the preacher has little time and mastered the subject, otherwise, but is well understood in this sense. Not the rule, but most Pentecostal preachers do not preach this sermon, while the Baptists, Presbyterians and others like the sermon of sorts.

I insist that not everyone was born to be a preacher, even though everyone can talk about Jesus, because it is a universal mission of the Church. But if it is specifically a preacher say that the best place to talk about Jesus is where people are willing to listen to what God wants to speak to their hearts.
That is, God has used every means to make the message of salvation, were announced by the man who built redeemed by the blood of his Son Jesus Christ.
Therefore, I say with great property that is the holiest place on earth, or rather, that God uses our lives to restore hearts. There are some who do not take it as something sacred, or think they can say what they think are aware that the place of God, and the name of God.

In preparing a sermon, should lay hands on the Bible, some biblical commentaries, concordance, Bible dictionary, and Portuguese. Subsidies that lead Preferably something extra in his sermon, that is, do not forget that the Bible, because the books are a good source of advice, but can not replace the Word of Jesus Christ.

Although the preparation of the sermon that there are some factors that contribute to its origin, or rather, when we receive God's light to carry them out. I say that the sermon is born when we think of the preaching of Christ. Therefore, we must not forget something, because the knee is born sermon, or prayer that the Lord open your harness and reveals what is hidden. The sermon full of fire is the difference from the top of a sermon mechanics, ie, without grace. While some employers do not stop to analyze, and think that they are used to not having to preach the sermon by the fire of God, I say that the sermons are written, only God who gives the grace for my dear reader, or rather not forget that.

In this sense we must seek knowledge in all aspects, as a poor preacher of culture can even be spiritual, but that does not give the right to terminate. Therefore, also theological and secular culture, as there are men in the Bible that God used so wonderful, they were men of the field as "Amos was Cowboy" at the time of Christ, called some who were fishermen, but in the context of his ministry there were others who was a physician, public officials and so on.
When we say that the preacher must have culture, we are not saying that can only be a preacher of culture, but you should if you can go look for it, the sources of the Bible and then another reference. A preacher full of God, the Bible and culture is a blessing in the hands of Christ, because only those who gain from this is that those who have the opportunity to hear from you. Listen to an empty preacher of biblical culture is regrettable and without education is worse, because his sermons are empty and take the listeners.
Therefore, it is a consummate student of the Bible, because doing so will be blessed by God when predicando.que not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth "- II Timothy 2:15. The handling is good to know the right way, the etymology is something straight cut, so that the use of the word of God when we are studying to preach or teach.

Unfortunately, some think that the right to use this opportunity to preach to behave in hurtful to the Church. That is, no ethical stance and not a man of God, because their actions are unconscionable and should never be appreciated by those who stand for morality. Some act that way because they never learn to be servants, and should not behave this way. But a preacher knows that Christian ethics should be an example for the Church, or rather, you know come and go, and God is glorified by its position as a man of God. Here are some important points:
Be brief, a greeting, or, if invited to preach, then you have 45 to 50 minutes.
b-When preaching does not look up, and do not close your eyes, or look in a general direction to the public.
c dress always present, since it is part of the label, or better, shoes, hair and beard made.
d-be ethical, because this aspect is what we do and be and do the will of God in our lives. We know that the mission of the best and highest that man can do here on earth is to be a preacher of the gospel of Christ.
As the field too long, no need to explain everything here, because this synthesis is just to remember what the person really has to learn the science that is part of the theological schools and universities as a major issue for those who want improve comunicación.de Christ. Therefore, remember what Paul said to Timothy: "Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman (preacher, teacher) is not approved to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth" - II Timothy 2:15.
Manage well what Paul said to Timothy in reality is "straight cut", ie, in other words, the preacher must know the issues that are spoken on the occasion. Thus, people will be attracted and interested in listening.

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