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The world will end in 2012?

Since the days past and present people living in expectations, and would not be different from what we have seen that the world will end in 2012. It is a nonsense as there are people and even the gurus claim that ever happen humanas.Outros discuss predictions for a world order, others of how this can happen. And indeed, there are many who make such statements with famas and prestige, that is, raising expectations, and deceiving the people with false alarms. But there may be doubts about the end of the world. Or are there answers to human questions? Or where to find answers to such facts, or does not have answers to all this about? Now even the time of Christ, or when he lived among his students, some had similar doubts when asked about the kingdom to Israel. And he promptly replied, "not for you to know times or seasons which the Father (God) you put in his own power" - Acts 1.1-6-7.
The present and future only belongs to God, for it is He who dominates all things, and everything is on your command. However, those who make wise and know nothing about God's rule in the business of men, are embarrassed by such stupid statements. Thus, the Holy Bible is the inerrant Word of God in answer any questions on the subject. Or rather, eschatologically speaking, one day Jesus will come and "take the church" - John 14:1-6, Titus 2:13-14; Tess.4.13 I-17. Or rather, that day no one knows, because there is no way to make predictions beyond the reach of human logic. But for theological arguments can be clarified as to the truths of the end of the world, or rather, as we know that one day God created the universe (Gen 1:1-2), so this universe will end, although there are some materialists (atheists) they do not agree with it, but not below, we affirm that the Bible tells us.
However, we show for those who believe what is written, that is, a chart on the facts:
1-Christ will rapture the Church (Invisible), or better, will give invisibly - I Thess. 4.17-23.
2-The Church will be with Christ at the wedding of the Lamb, for about seven years;
3-After seven years, He (Christ) will come to church for a period in the great tribulation that is, when the world will be dominated by the Anti-Christ - Rev. 1:7;
Fourth-place points in the final Great Tribulation will sign his millennial reign, or rather a thousand years. Although, the Bible is not clear where the millennium, but inferences will be somewhere in the universe. During this period Satan will be arrested, and his demons, death too, as in the reign of Christ there will be only peace and prosperity on earth, is what the Bible tells us. Of course, attend all these blessings which were redeemed and washed by the blood of the Lamb of God. So the period of the rapture of the Church until the millennium, will be 1007 years, it is clear that passing such a period, things will be reversed, because there will be called the "White Throne" - who will be seated on where it is He who has dominion over all things, and even on humans - Rev 20:11-15.
Now, before the "White Throne", they will know who is who, or rather large, small, rich, poor, famous atheists, wise and ignorant. Or rather, from Adam to the present and future, everyone will be accountable for their acts before the Righteous Judge of all the earth.
Reminding them that the White Throne, has nothing to do with the "Judgement Seat of Christ" as before and this will be to assess behaviors and accounts of believers, or rather, not for condemnation. Thus, except for the "White Throne" which is to judge with justice and condemn all those who never wanted to turn to God - or rather, have died under the rule of condemnation. Consider these arguments in more detail below:
7 - The Judgement Seat of Christ - II Cor 5:9-10, Romans 14:10.
We emphasize that this court is not to convict or acquit someone, because for Christians in Christ there have been a "court" called Calvary where all our sins have been judged. This is not about sentencing trial, and yes, put in our White "Works". And which will account saved by Jesus, or rather, there will be accountability for one to be tried in the sense of doom.
8-When will it be?
1-When Jesus comes, I Thess. 4:16-17, Matt 16:27;
2-Is it somewhere, or rather, "Ares," I Thess. 4:16-17.
3-The judge will be Christ himself, II Tim 4:8; Job 5:22;
9-Who will be judged:
1 - The rise believers Co II 5910, Rom 14:10;
2 - We will be judged by our works, I Corinthians 3.8-14;
This trial will be in accordance with the materials of our works, or better, according to what we did here on earth. How to: Gold (John 3:21, I Corinthians 06.04) Silver (I Corinthians 15:10 - redemption) works done by faith in Christ. Precious stones (Rm 15:19; Fip 3.3) works made by the Power of the Holy Spirit.
10-Materials burned by fire:
Just what is represented by works that were not sincere before God, or rather the Lord does not accept any kind of work, for whatever each of us be faithful to Him according to His Word.
1 - Wood (speaking of human affairs) shall be burnt with fire, I Corinthians 3:3;
2 - hay (dry grass speaks) Works done by customs, I Corinthians 3:3;
3-Straw (Speech of human variability) works unstable, Jr 23:18;

11-Results of this trial:
A-crown of life, James 1:12, Rev. 2:10;
2-Crown of Glory, I Peter 5:2-4;
3-crown of righteousness, II Tim 4:8;
4-E incorruptible crown, I Corinthians 9.25-27.

A Christian who does not keep all this as "An expectation of Hope" has not yet been converted to Christ Jesus, and love the world more than God. There must be an awareness of God's truths to our lives, or better, we can not live appearance, but, to be authentic Christians.
So, about the end of the world, for what the Bible says in the past and everything John said in Revelation: "And I saw a new heaven and a new earth" - or rather, it means that one will land first transformation, and all this by means of fire and destruction. That is, after the Last Judgement, then the end will come.
Therefore, any speculation about the end of the world outside of this context are mere fallacies of men who know nothing and rave in your thoughts. What remains is to prepare to one day meet with him who is above all things, and that no one shall be innocent ...

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