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BOY BORN IN GOD - the light of hope has dawned

Christmas Message
Again everyone celebrates Christmas, or better, in several other forms of celebrations. However, many unconscious even know nothing of importance was the "birth of Christ." But in course of time some changed without knowing the true meaning of Christmas, or rather the human spirit to succeed in the food and drink. And not counting those who spend what they do not have to say they are celebrating Christmas.
Now, before everything is said and what I wrote the story, nothing is more significant than truly know the meaning of the Christmas spirit. That is, the Bible says that a people lived in the shadow of death, however, a light has dawned, or rather the Christmas light shone on the celestial vault and brought us real hope, is both the angel said:
"Today, the city of David was born the child Jesus, what news! It is so expressive that the Word of God changed the course of those living in the shadow of death. And the message that was spoken by the angel was just compliance because she had been told more than 700 years before His birth, the messianic prophet (Isaiah 9:6-7).
"He will save his people from their sins" - (Gr. Soteria) which means salvation means that God does not fail in its promises. Truly, Jesus came as the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world - John 1:29, that is, the real meaning of Christmas is under the cloak of God's righteousness, or rather, when we were all lost, but He saved us by his love immeasurable - Luke 19:10, John 3:16, Romans 5:8; 5:1-2.

To you who are reading this text, you know the true meaning of Christmas is when the man lets himself be attracted by the hole of the Word of God boy, that is, He was born to give us life and abundance. Obviously, all we can do so only with great joy that we do, but never forget the true meaning of Christmas, that is, when we allow the Holy Spirit convince us all that separate us from God.
Thus, God can make you meet with the Child Jesus, and that he may be born in your heart, and that their are many blessings this Christmas shining in the night. These are my sincere wishes to all those who follow our blog - God bless you in everything and give them peace of Christmas.

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