domingo, 25 de dezembro de 2011

The death penalty Sakineh

It is unfortunate that in the XXI century we are still seeing news of the death penalty imposed on a woman accused of adultery and murder. That is, the authorities of that country (Iran) under the cloak of morality impose a law "Absurd women" or better, so why say kill in the name of morality is hypocrisy.

And starting from the principle of human dignity, we can not live with such hypocritical arguments. Now, all those who accuse of adultery and murder Sakineh think they are washing their honors, or better, taking the life of a person who committed an error. And who in the name of law without looking absurd murder them for you. And coming from an ethical and human understanding, we can not accept such an atrocity to a human being is equal to the human that are inhuman.

I think, only lived six years in jail for this woman, already configured as an inhuman punishment. And not counting the 95 lashes she took it, and without the right to defend themselves using their own language. Now what this country is imposing unreasonable rules on its citizens as if they were solving the world, or rather killing people because they made ​​a mistake.

We need to mobilize together human rights for those owners of such morality to stand down and forgive the woman by mistake. Well, I do not think killing people is that morality requires, before all this, those who are religious should think radically the situation. Because they think they have the power of life and death, however, one day stand before the Righteous Judge and will face the divine Judge for their absurd practices.

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