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"The heavens declare the glory of the Lord, and the firmament shows His handiwork" - Ps 19.1-12.
There in the Bible God's revelation is so much that she begins by saying: "In the beginning God created heaven and earth, the earth was without form and void, and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters" - Gen 1:1-2 .
This principle is unattainable human understanding, that is, there be on this earth that has the power to determine the concept of this principle. Because the principle is with God and by him, or better, wiser than the man he will never be conclusive answers about the mystery of Eternity.
All we know about God there is no other source than the more accurate your Infallible Word, that is, describe Him as He is, is ontologically impossible. Thus, some assume the right to want to clutter the concept of God in human form and selfish. Or rather, with its philosophical and humanistic arguments, thinking such that the exhaust will of God.
Some fools because they have decreed the death of God, or rather trying to convey to the world that the concept of a God "Eternal Sovereign" are things of conservative Christians. And with that, making people believe their falsehoods about the death of God, or better, if that position were true what would be the man who for more fragile it is, say, who to put faith and hope.
Given that we know that above us There is One and Eternal Self-existent, and this is not another If the Lord God, the Creator, immutable, perfect, Sovereign, Infinite Knower of all, the Father of lights, Man of War, Jehovah Rafhar, Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent, or rather one who knows everything, and end before the start. It is He who sustains the planet by Terran sovereign action of his creative force, or rather among the billions of galaxies out there, He knows and has the power to call the stars by their names.
Now, God being infinite, the finite always be in demand, or rather the man that is finite can never exhaust the Lord. And everything we know about him is so human, or rather, he himself sent us his Word so that through faith we might know Him. It is obvious that this kind of knowledge is tentative, or rather never be full, ie, one day maybe we will have the opportunity to know him and see him face to face. Although, being a God "Mystery in the Universe," is so much that some years ago is the demand of God, and others want to prove that He exists. But while some are thinking about such nonsense, with each passing day he remains the What Is and What's Being, so much that Moses said: "I AM WHO I AM" - Exodus 3:14.
The ignorance of man about God and not of yesterday or today, because from the beginning because God's Infinite Being, and the Works of his Creation manifest something of great magnitude, the man who is limited to the above tends to discredit him for a Higher Being to all things. Thus was born the sin (disobedience to God) the disbelief about the Lord of all things. It's so much that discredits the man of their own origin, or rather believing in a theory created by Darwin, and with it thinking that its origin came from a primate. And after it was evolving, and we arrived at a point more evolved and later reached the structure which is now man.
However, given the thesis of the theory of evolution, since its inception by Darwin, materialistic science has never proven that the man actually came from the ape. For before the theory was that the monkey went ape, and man continues man who was born today. Or rather, the theory of evolution is a disappointment for its creators and supporters, or rather those who think they can change what God created will die and never see the opposite. Or better, wiser than man can be, their wisdom is human, and not exceed what is metaphysical. Therefore, we can not be finite as well wonder what is within our reach, for in God all comes down by the force of his greatness.
What about the knowledge of God, or we can have Him, even so, our structure is extremely human, and can not exceed what is beyond us. It is well that the prophet Hosea said, "Let us know if we follow on to know the Lord" - The 6.3.
Thus, we affirm that there is wealth so precious when we report to the writings of his word, or rather, there are writings all that we know. That is, we will not know and neither desvendaremos an ontological mystery is supremely human mind. And IT is impossible to describe. Now, want to achieve is something that is unattainable for those who do not think about it, so is the God who is creator and sustainer of the universe.
To be sure, some inks and papers have already spent trying to prove, or rather, that the universe is a product of chance. What about this position we can think further, and say, and chance where it came from? Now, for those who are believable, everything is possible, nay, faith talks. In other words, believe and trust in the mysteries of the universe is believable to what God has left recorded in his Word.
However, as we make sure these incontrovertible facts, of course, through his Word. Or rather, the Lord revealed in a brilliant way that only someone who is foolish heart can banish the concept of God in your life. And the interesting thing is that, as much for the man and affirm that He exists, it is clear that their existence is undeniable in the Universe. Perhaps the biggest trump card of "Atheist" is that it can not resolve such a concept, or could even could say, but their disappointments are absurd because he Lord of the Universe exists, and there be for all eternity. Thus, let us be aware that God does not need to prove anything to the man, and not worried if millions of people believe or stop believing in their existence. For He (God) exists even before the man, or rather, who is the man to tell the Creator and doubting its power?
However, the universe God has made himself known. And through his Word is revealed to man, Thus he respect the position of man, for instilled within him the power to say yes to what you believe, and not if it is not credible. Maybe you're wondering, and this is what many question today, why is it that there are millions of people worldwide who believe in anything but God. And when others are offended by a gesture of respect and love we say "God bless you" ... We soon realized that there is a negative reaction by some. That is, relativism is the spirit in a world that believes everything, ie, elves, witchcraft, false religion, but in knowing the Truth Eternal many exempt themselves and God. But for this stigma is banned from men's hearts, only through the knowledge of Christ in life, or better, for this is that He came to this world and revealed God (The Father), let's see what God said through John:
"In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made by Him and without Him nothing was made that was made "- John 1:1-3.
Consider that John presents the "Word (God) of Gr" Logos "which in turn means the word or expression, the Word who became incarnate preexisting among men. It's so much that John does not use an expression by assumption, and yes, with conviction and full assurance of faith "in him who always existed from the Beginning." Although they do not know when this "Principle", or know, because as I said would never attain the summit "Divine" because we are human. Or rather, in principle God has no beginning nor at the beginning will end, as He is presented by reference in this text that will never go away. So is The Alpha and Omega, or rather as He is the Alpha Principle of all, of all things, and as The Omega, He remains, after all, and all things. And the text tells us that by Him were all things created, or rather, all that did not exist into existence by the action of His Word (Gr. Logos) verb, the word. Or rather, He (God) said, spoke the word, and what there was came into existence. He (God) used the Greek verb "barah" or better, which means "create out of nothing" - however, what there was came into existence by the action, creative power of a God who is supremely Eternal.
Then after that you can believe in a humanistic theory, or better, that will not last with its materialist arguments? That is, in the beginning was God, and He created all things, and even the man who was never monkey, nor will be. Or rather, what the Lord remains, although we are aware that within the biological concept there are changes, but none will be made without the permission of Him who created all things, as in the case of small living things (animals), and never to human . It's so much that, from an assumption, the "Biology" materialistic science of using their powers to prove scientifically that all living things came by chance. However, only a skeptical mind is to believe in such concepts. Or we can never measure science as a primary form of what we believe in their reasoning, or rather that it supposedly came into existence by chance.
These concepts are partly or assumptions are imposed by skeptical minds and lacking a relatively orthodox concept of God. Thus, the concepts skeptical about God are true events that happen in the world for years, and in fact some think that his ideas on such absurdities are irreducible, and thus deny the existence of a Superior Mind, in this case (GOD). It's so much that even atheists can instill in the minds of millions of people that the "concept of a Creator God" is something of who has what to do. Or rather, trying to explain what it can never, ie, the position is so absurd that an atheist who would dare to want to prove something improbable? Or rather, for all atheists and their followers, if they want, God exists and if there be not, however, even the atheist can believe that practicing in the universe there is a superior mind, and such is the Creator God. Or rather, within this concept skeptical, there are some who say, as someone fighting something that you are not sure of its existence. Or rather, in other words only the atheist want or disprove the existence of God, it is clear that the "Concept of God" never left his mind skeptical.

Since the past that men always had the desire to worship a deity, so it is that we find something similar in Athens. But even before the Athenians, since there were other, or rather, from the beginning that when creating man, God instilled in your heart to worship him and give him worship. Thus, the man who is distorted relative concept of God, or rather, lost direction and should pay your worship and worship God truthfully. And over time, the man both go searching for their concept of worship, lost the true essence of the Divine worship God. Then there came other forms of worship, or rather, was implanted in the heart of man what we call "empty" or better, both living in search of God, he managed to lose the essence of worship.
Then came the "Religions and Philosophies," or rather, where we seek the true essence of worship to the Divine, however, with the so-called religious pluralism. And this meant that the man lost the true meaning of meeting the True and Living God. It is obvious that as ignorance that existed even then, man has always been in search of that "missing link" is that when Paul arrived in Athens found men exposed to various religious systems and philosophizing about what they themselves did not know. Or rather, how to talk or discuss something that is highly indisputable, or rather not talk about what we do not know. But Paul to see those men exposed there tries to instill the most credible concept in their hearts, or stating that they knew and even discussed all kinds of knowledge. But they did not know anything about True Knowledge, or better, or better, that they themselves were unaware.
In their minds religious, supposedly had the concept of many gods, but were unable to discern the "true God" because He does not dwell in the temple made with hands, and neither is he served by men. However, gives all the breath, life and leads them to believe that He (God) is One who dwells in a contrite heart and true - Acts 17.1-31.
Concluding this study, may have contributed to the elucidation of many, however, as nothing is said once and for all, yet they have much to discuss and write about the Greatest Mystery and undeniable God. A mighty God eternal and immutable, and that is always looking for those who are faithful and true, or better, some have descended to the grave without real hope, or one day see him face to face. Others however simplistic they are, I can keep the hope that can not wither, and they are more difficult facts of life are such that the Patriarch Job said, "Though He slay me, yet I will trust in Him ..." or rather, God is the one that was not caused or created, and can not be exhausted by human concepts. It is eternal, omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent, perfect in his Works, True, Fair, Justifier, Infallible, Author of Life, Hope, Almighty, Alpha and Omega. HE IS GOD.

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