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Evangelists and Pastors - Different Ministries

Evangelists and Pastors - Different Ministries
Text Eph. 4.11-12
INTRODUCTION. There are few who interpret the Bible without knowing the eyes of man, or rather, thinking they are above the truths of an orthodox interpretation. This is the case of the "Evangelist and Pastor," they both have and exercise the ministry differently. Now, the Bible is what they should, or rather that each function is according to the position held in the ministry. The big question is the following, the "Role of the Evangelist is equal to the Pastor?" Of course not, this is the most sensible position from the standpoint Bible.
However, before dwelling on this subject which I think is extremely important in the context of the Gospel, I want to see some comments that are relevant to the topic above. Well I've been asked by students and staff regarding the ministry of evangelists and pastors.

I-The evangelist is a preacher?
Some do not know and others know full well that they are different functions, is such that, when the apostle Paul writes to the Ephesians makes us know that they are different functions. That is, he said: And He (Christ) gave "Some to be apostles, some prophets, some to be evangelists ... Why can not we understand that everything is the same thing? Why are "Different Gifts," or rather, Evangelista is a gift, and not function in the sense of the word.

The evangelist was not appointed by Christ to be "Star" pulpit ", on the contrary, people today are devoted evangelists, and now they think their job is to stand with the pastor as a jar of ornament. Thus, the role of the Bible is an evangelist "To be a herald of the kingdom of heaven" or better, to preach in the streets, in alleys and hedges, is to open new jobs, and then the pastor exercised his pastoral ministry. What we can also understand that the role of an evangelist is configured as a helper of the pastor. Thus it is through the work of the evangelist that souls (people) surrender to Christ and so everything flows to the growth of Christ's work.

In fact some of their assignments using the hierarchical ministry, assume the right to consecrate persons to the ministry of evangelists as if this prerogative to ministerial status. And indeed such a position runs away from Biblical reality, or rather, what we have seen today is just the opposite of that tells us the infallible Word of God. I see that even if the citizen meets all requirements for the ministry, yet still need to go through several processes to then be able to function "Evangelista."

The first-named is the main thing in life - Ephesians 4:11
However, there are still pastors who are careful in this respect, or rather, seeks to prepare and train each worker for each function, ie not to be and do something different. However, it is the opposite of what we see today, because some are devoted to the ministry without knowing what and who were devoted to, or better, the workers are prefabricated.
Although they are many who are devoted to political causes, or rather because they serve as their numbers to vote in elections. But let us leave this behind, because our focus is different.
An evangelist called by God it does not become evangelist because of the consecration, but is entitled to function because God called him. Or rather, it carries the stigma of the call of God in your life, even if someone pretends not to see, however, is more important because it was Christ who called him. I have the pleasure of my writings to quote some references whom I could learn a thing, or rather, of our late Pastor Valdir Nunes Bicego (In-memoriam). For in his teachings, it said that "There is consecrated for him to be a worker, but because it already is, and said that the Church only recognizes the call and calling of God in the lives of those who are called" - Heb 04.05 .

No disparaging some companions, but there are many more devoted evangelists are not. That is, I can not bear the mark of the ministry, Thus, are not called as a mark on his life. For a critical point in the life of a worker called by God are the attributes of his ministry, or rather, that we see in the ministry of Philip in Syrian Antioch (Acts 8.1-26). And within those ministerial aspects, let's see according to the Bible which are the fundamental points of an Evangelist, below:
-He has a vision of the field ...
2-He is an accomplished soul winner;
It opens 3-job, ie, winning souls to Christ;
4-He does not sit on the care of preaching;
5-He's always looking to talk to Jesus, or feel in your heart;
6-He does not hesitate to preach, or better, which is always wants to preach;
7-He carries the weight of responsibility placed upon the shoulders;
8-He prays always to preach Christ, or your business is souls;
9-He does not get involved with things of this life, before you want to win souls;
10-He has the primary foundation of their work, the word of God.

2-What is the evangelist:
Many who are using their powers to think and call themselves pastors, but I think such things happen when you do not know the Bible well. Now, the apostle Paul made it clear that in his letter to the Christians of Ephesus, or rather, Evangelista is a function entirely different from the pastor. Or rather, as the evangelist preaches and open work, the pastor is one who has the gift of pastoring, or rather are distinct functions. And this has led to unease in some churches and ministries, because I managed to do what the Bible does not authorize us, namely that each performs its function according to the ministry received the Lord Jesus Christ - Ephesians 4:11.

We say so because there is nothing out of place, ie, there are excellent evangelists preach drag when crowds. But when they are placed in the role that God called them to see the disaster, or better, if the pastor does not have the care he delivers the key of the Church. What about the pastor the same thing happens, or rather, the pastor can not be or perform the duties of an evangelist is not called for such. That's what Paul said, "Let every man abide in the vocation which was called by God." Although to some in particular are the two functions and exercise, because we know people with such powers.
Therefore, we must never confuse things, or rather, remembering that an evangelist is "distinctive function" of the "Pastor".

3 - How should the behavior of an evangelist
Within this vision ministry, there are people who have not yet learned that every thing should be in place. However, an evangelist who does not know what to do within his ministerial assignment, never actually trained by the ministry. The situation is so severe that it makes you grief when we get to some places, or better, workers are not prepared at all, or who do not know or have a child, or receive a visitor.

So that way, knowing of his ministerial duties, the evangelist should leave such things to the pastor does. Or better, and if the pastor is not asking you the proper guidance. For let the Church go through the guilt constraint is the ministry not take good care of your staff. But there are some mitigating circumstances in this respect, or rather, some to be consecrated to the ministry of evangelist, are either "Same as Pastor" or better, no longer want to be submissive ministerial orders. And who says they want to be subject to direction of the pastor, as such if they think they are equal and therefore can not stoop hierarchically such a position is absurd.

Here are the reasons why I disagree that the evangelist can not be called a pastor, they are different functions. It is true that ministers are labeled, however, participate in a State and National Convention. But never can find that are hierarchically equal in office, or better, the evangelist must always submit to the pastoral, or rather, it varies according to the ministry of ecclesiastical administration and Statutory.

4-The Evangelist agreed
There are many evangelists in Brazil that are agreed, or rather part of a convention, whether State or National. But that does not appear, some of these evangelists are not able to remain oriented to their conventions. They are entirely lay as regards the administration of the ministry, so much that some even in their conventions and do not know what to do and not why they are there.
I will register a fact that occurred in São Paulo in the Anhembi Convention in 2007, when I came across an evangelist who knew nothing and still told me that he did not know what to do in time to vote. In other words, are what a prime minister said that the consecration of evangelists is to count numbers to be in support plates competitors elections. But most are simple people who do not even know how to read, others are not prepared nor theologically and culturally. Another major factor in question is necessary that the conventional local ministry carries an orientation to the evangelists, or better, guiding his ministers to behave with respect and dignity in the conventional environment. Unfortunately ever witnessed pastor calling his companion with words that do not see just write here.
Therefore, good behavior is part of a nation worthy of respect and that their representatives to do the same. For an evangelist or pastor who does not have composure, and neither are ethical in their behavior, are unworthy to carry on their bodies the mark of Christ. Thus, unfortunately I see with it a crisis of values, and the guilt of his ministry is not prepared and their workers with dignity to exercise the ministerial function. That is, invest in the ministerial career of those who think something is great, or better, some are sitting and think they are evangelists or pastors can now lie in cribs splendid. No, my noble fellows, there must be a refresher on our part, or rather, there are many examples in the Bible that we must take crass to our lives, and so, we will comply fully to the ministry from the Lord Jesus Christ - II Tim 2.15.

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