sábado, 31 de dezembro de 2011

Ebenezer - "Hitherto the Lord helped us"

        It is with great joy that I express here my joy in God's presence. That is, famously say that the patriarch Job, "I her that my Redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand upon the earth" ...

Now, during the year 2011, many made predictions, other promises, some even do what they could not in 2010. But during the years of 2011 to our surprise, there were problems we did not expect, that is, facts that marked the lives of millions of people worldwide.

        Some know what I suffered in 2011, stood at the edge or valley of the shadow of death, but thank God that the Lord took me out there, and now I can glorify Him for all He has done in my life. That is, we can not think that God is watching over us, now, to think so is losing hope. For there is in His Word that He "takes care of us" - are undeniable facts, so we can say with conviction, "Ebenezer" - Today I am pleased to tell you that's included in our blog that the Lord works, "He it expects that "- Isaiah 64.4; there remains outstanding in this regard.

      Oh, It's been a new year, major projects and achievements are expected, but nothing can replace our faith and hope in Him who has dominion in their hands over our lives. Or rather, we do projects, we are optimistic, indeed eager to reach the apex of our dreams, but not lose the vision that Christ has given us.
Therefore, I thank my Divine Eternal God for all He has done in my life, and the deliverance of death I was given. There are many wonderful things that go beyond those we can count. And on behalf of my family, we wish all those who follow our blog "Christian Leadership", a Happy New Year, and the abundant blessings of God be upon all ...

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